Woweee It’s Brownsea!

Today we’re travelling down to Poole Quay to catch the ferry to a treasure island! When I was 5, I thought this secret place was called Bouncy Island! No longer 5 but still, as I step onto this enchanted little Island it takes me straight back to that tender age I loved so dearly for this land has not changed. The Smell of the heath mixed with breezy sea air suddenly fills me with an urge to be the first to spot a red squirrel! But before we take the little path, we notice something sitting high up on a wall gazing out across her empire a peahen no less!

Sitting on a rug listening to birds. Exploring using maps and running as fast as we can to the natural play area where climbing, balancing and jumping are all part of this task! Being very quiet and taking photos of lots of little wild creatures! Taking in the view from every direction and a gentle stroll back towards the port where a cream tea is the essential part of waiting for the ferry back home. Smiling, laughing and simply enjoying Brownsea Island. That’s what we’ve done today. Oh and by the way, I wasn’t the first to spot a red squirrel this time, it was my 5 year old son!

IMG_8426 IMG_8434 11541004_10153369772346145_1752370428_n IMG_8479 11541315_10153369743276145_628749398_n IMG_8481 IMG_846211655143_10153369744436145_1973134587_n 11637975_10153369745961145_787973356_n 11650752_10153369745681145_433868805_n IMG_8445 IMG_8451 IMG_8471 IMG_8465IMG_8439 11536859_10153369771701145_874058891_n 11541305_10153369745631145_1500556802_n IMG_8477 IMG_8449 IMG_8457 IMG_8486


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