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Pottery Willies… It must be Hen Season!

A usual Monday morning photo shoot consists of a weekends worth of magical and exciting creative masterpieces produced from the extraordinary minds of the little people that join us for their birthday parties! I love seeing their works of art!

However I find myself this week with what only can be described as willies – lots of them… In fact in the last few weeks I’ve seen not much other than these blessed objects!

Last weekend saw our biggest hen party yet with 20 joining us for an afternoon of creative freedom crafting pretty, interesting and hilarious keepsakes!  Champagne, afternoon tea, dressing up and listening to favorite music encouraged these hens to get messy with clay and oh did they…!!

Here is a little collection from our most recent hen parties doing what they do best! Note to self if you don’t like willies look away!!

To find out more about our Hen Parties head to




Fizz, Friends and Pottery…It must be Ladies Night!

“The perfect way to end a busy week!”

Whether you’ve been rushing around with the children or manic in the office all week, Fridays belong to us girls! Rejuvenate your senses and unleash your inner creativity by joining us for Ladies Night. No Children and No office! Just you, your friends and a bottle of fizz if you fancy it!

Here’s what happened during the course of our latest evening workshop…


If you’ve enjoyed looking through our snaps and want to join us for our next Ladies Night workshop just get in touch by calling us on 01258 455232 or email Sessions take place every first or second Friday of the month and start at 7:30pm until late. It’s £25pp and booking is essential! You bring the wine and we’ll do the rest! Our next date is April 8th!

Fizz, Friends and Pottery…It Must Be Ladies Night!

The perfect way to end a busy week!

Whether it’s been rushing around with children or manic in the office all week, Fridays belong to us girls! Restaurants, bars and dare I say it gym are a thing of the past! An evening in the Pottery Parlour on the other hand is something entirely different… If you’d like to rejuvenate your senses and unleash your inner creativity then join us for Ladies Night! No Children, No office and no nasty hangover! Just you, your friends, our heavenly studio, as much clay as you can get your hands on and well go on then, a bottle of fizz if you fancy it!

Our March workshop saw this fab bunch get creative and by all accounts have a wonderful evening in the parlour!


We have workshops just like this happening through out the year on the first or second Friday of every month. Our next evening is Friday 8th April. Sessions start at 7:30pm until late and cost £25.00pp. Single and group bookings are welcome with a maximum of 12 ladies per workshop. Bring your own wine and we’ll do the rest! To book simply send us an email or give us a ring!

Farewell 2015 you’ve been beautiful!

With a warm fire gently crackling away in the background and a mug of tea in hand I should be finding it fairly easy to write this final post for 2015. Truth is I’m not! Looking back through the year in pictures it’s difficult to pin point exactly where to start. So because I joined the team in April I have decided to go with a round up of all the wonderful projects I have been introduced to since becoming part of the team! My recipe consists of: Glorious pottery created in house and out and about. What wigs and hats really get up to, festival fun, pottery shows and to top it off a kitty cat surprise none of us expected! I hope you enjoy looking back through our year. Oh and one final thought… #Heyclay! See you in 2016!



Tile Your Town is a celebration of all things clay! We have teamed up with the British Crafts Council to bring you a workshop that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. On Saturday 5th December we will be fashioning a door from wet clay, slicing it in to pieces and offering it to anyone who wishes to come and take part in our workshop. Tools, stamps and paint will be on offer to help you craft a tile into a beautiful piece of Blandford history. Once created and painted the tiles will be fired in our kiln and reassembled ready for the grand unveiling in February 2016.


Alongside TILE YOUR TOWN we are running a fabulous competition! With the winners taking centre stage to our mosaic mural.

All you need to do is… Draw, paint, make a collage or write a poem about something you love about our fabulous little town on a piece of A4 paper. The winning designs will be digitally printed on to individual tiles and make up the centerpiece to the door. There are 6 places to be had and anyone of any age is invited to take part in our competition.

Please send your pictures with: Name, email, address and tel no to: The Pottery Parlour 3 West Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AW or email:

We look forward to welcoming as many of you lovely lot in to the studio on Saturday 5th December for our FREE workshop!!




Is it June already?!

Our pottery puss cats have suddenly quadrupled in size and like nothing more than sleeping, bundling and eating a lot!

We all had a ball last Friday with the return of our fabulous ladies night, enjoyed by all who attended and I’m quite sure we’ll see some returning faces, thanks girls for a great evening.

And finally… We kicked off our summer fair road trip by attending the lovely Gaunts Common Mayfair and couldn’t resist snapping some truly fabulous pics of the children and their masterpieces! Enjoy!