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Summer Holiday Workshops!



With the holidays just days away and for those who’ve already started we thought we’d better let you know about all the ace family clay day and Sculpting studio activities we’ve got planned for our Blandford studio this summer!

Clay Days

Tuesday 26th / Thursday 28th July and Tuesday 23rd / Thursday 25th August! Starting at 10:30am or 2:30pm for 2hrs.

Each session starts with a quick wheel demo and talk through the tools on offer to help create sculptures and pots. Children are then invited to have a go themselves with the help (if needed) from our experienced and friendly potters! Once their pottery has been crafted and dried, participants are encouraged to coat their marvellous masterpieces with lashings of paint!  We then glaze and fire everything and will get in touch between 3-5 weeks later to let you know when to come and pick it up or for £15 we can wrap and pack your pieces and post them out to you.

These sessions are a great introduction to the young creatives in your life. They also give parents and children the opportunity to spend much needed time together and allow creative imaginations to come to life in a nurturing and free spirited environment.

Children from as young as 3 are invited to come and clay with us and you are welcome to leave your older ones here (10yrs upwards) if you need to do a bit of shopping in town or just have a break for a couple of hours!

Our sessions are £20pp and we advise booking in advance. You can do this by calling directly or sending an email.

Saturday Sculpting! 

From Saturday 23rd July right the way through the summer holidays we will be open for drop in pottery sessions from 10:30am – 12noon / 1:30pm -3pm or if you like to plan ahead we’ll be taking bookings the Friday before no later then 4pm

Prices start from £5 – £30 depending on what you make and whether you decide to take it away with you on the day or leave it with us for a fire and glaze!

Call us on 01258 455232 or email hellopotteryparlour@gmail.com to book any of our workshops this summer and create memories that will last forever and ever!





Farewell 2015 you’ve been beautiful!

With a warm fire gently crackling away in the background and a mug of tea in hand I should be finding it fairly easy to write this final post for 2015. Truth is I’m not! Looking back through the year in pictures it’s difficult to pin point exactly where to start. So because I joined the team in April I have decided to go with a round up of all the wonderful projects I have been introduced to since becoming part of the team! My recipe consists of: Glorious pottery created in house and out and about. What wigs and hats really get up to, festival fun, pottery shows and to top it off a kitty cat surprise none of us expected! I hope you enjoy looking back through our year. Oh and one final thought… #Heyclay! See you in 2016!



Tile Your Town is a celebration of all things clay! We have teamed up with the British Crafts Council to bring you a workshop that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. On Saturday 5th December we will be fashioning a door from wet clay, slicing it in to pieces and offering it to anyone who wishes to come and take part in our workshop. Tools, stamps and paint will be on offer to help you craft a tile into a beautiful piece of Blandford history. Once created and painted the tiles will be fired in our kiln and reassembled ready for the grand unveiling in February 2016.


Alongside TILE YOUR TOWN we are running a fabulous competition! With the winners taking centre stage to our mosaic mural.

All you need to do is… Draw, paint, make a collage or write a poem about something you love about our fabulous little town on a piece of A4 paper. The winning designs will be digitally printed on to individual tiles and make up the centerpiece to the door. There are 6 places to be had and anyone of any age is invited to take part in our competition.

Please send your pictures with: Name, email, address and tel no to: The Pottery Parlour 3 West Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AW or email: Hellopotteryparlour@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming as many of you lovely lot in to the studio on Saturday 5th December for our FREE workshop!!




Woweee It’s Brownsea!

Today we’re travelling down to Poole Quay to catch the ferry to a treasure island! When I was 5, I thought this secret place was called Bouncy Island! No longer 5 but still, as I step onto this enchanted little Island it takes me straight back to that tender age I loved so dearly for this land has not changed. The Smell of the heath mixed with breezy sea air suddenly fills me with an urge to be the first to spot a red squirrel! But before we take the little path, we notice something sitting high up on a wall gazing out across her empire a peahen no less!

Sitting on a rug listening to birds. Exploring using maps and running as fast as we can to the natural play area where climbing, balancing and jumping are all part of this task! Being very quiet and taking photos of lots of little wild creatures! Taking in the view from every direction and a gentle stroll back towards the port where a cream tea is the essential part of waiting for the ferry back home. Smiling, laughing and simply enjoying Brownsea Island. That’s what we’ve done today. Oh and by the way, I wasn’t the first to spot a red squirrel this time, it was my 5 year old son!

IMG_8426 IMG_8434 11541004_10153369772346145_1752370428_n IMG_8479 11541315_10153369743276145_628749398_n IMG_8481 IMG_846211655143_10153369744436145_1973134587_n 11637975_10153369745961145_787973356_n 11650752_10153369745681145_433868805_n IMG_8445 IMG_8451 IMG_8471 IMG_8465IMG_8439 11536859_10153369771701145_874058891_n 11541305_10153369745631145_1500556802_n IMG_8477 IMG_8449 IMG_8457 IMG_8486

If you go down to Bryanston Woods today your sure of a fabulous surprise!

Oh my Bryanston Woods! A secret retreat beside The River Stour where we like to play. For the young explorer these woods are simply fantastic! Uprooted trees make great hide away dens, banks for scrambling up and dirtying your bottom as you slide down, chalks to map out your secret treasure hunt, balance beam logs and for the dog well a dream like scene with sticks galore and a swimming pool that goes on for miles! If you go down to the woods today make sure you visit Bryanston!